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Painting without all that pesky pain and suffering

Ah, the joys of owning a home.  Keeping the lawn well kept, the outdoors out of the doors and the ever present urge to change things up a bit.  Enter the paint brush.  For many of us it is thought to be a medieval torture device dreamed up by an oracle that could see the future of carpal tunnel syndrome therapies and wanted to invest early.

I recently became familiar with a new series of tools designed to foil this master plan of discomfort and fatigue.  Enter the ErgoMaster Pro, by galaxG tools.  This device allows you to hold the brush in an almost effortless grip, making it so much easier to hold and use.





Add in the Counter-Gravity System, which balances the brush, and I could almost enjoy painting.

Well, enjoy is a strong word…I will always be grumpy about all the time spent taping off windows.


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