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Smoking hot electronics

I’ve just recently started the transition from regular tobaccos to an electronic option… Yeah for me! There has been a lot of bad press about this technology and the vapor liquids being used but I find most of it is either unfounded, exaggerated or just plain stupid. When you have a 20 year smoker say they quit easily in 3 days, it’s worth doing some research about it.

My first thought was that I wasn’t too keen on the ‘stick’ style vaporizers I was used to seeing out there. After talking with the folks at Aloha Village Vapor, I realized there are other options. Below is the pipe I recently got. It’s much like smoking a pipe without the annoying fiddley bits, like having to re-light constantly.


It looks and feels, mostly, like a pipe but just a little heavier. You don’t really have the option to let hang from your mouth but that is frowned upon by most pipe smokers anyway.

For the adventurous types there a some pretty extreme option so out there. The one shown below is a monster, but so Damn cool looking it almost hurts.



It would normally have a small mouthpiece attached at the top.

Check it out and, if inclined, enjoy. I plan to.


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