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Vehicle Design Challenge

As part of one of my Industrial Design classes, at the Art Institute of Portland, we were tasked to create new interior and exterior designs based on Acrimoto’s electric vehicle platform.

My group was asked to concentrate on luxury, where cost is not an issue but weight is still a concern. Given the job of creating the interior, I wanted to focus on flowing and sinuous shapes that created a feeling of posh comfort and sophistication.


   Material choices included brushed metals, natural woods, leather and carbon fiber. Colors ranged from black to variations of natural browns and tans.


I created designs for all aspects of the passenger environment, including the steering wheel, climate controls and ventilation systems.

Steering Whell

Steering wheel and column


Climate controls



Power, lights, hazards, etc.

The final design rendered to show multiple color and material variations.



One response

  1. Becky Dollinger

    Love this Matt! Do you think you can build me one just like this? You are so talented.

    March 11, 2016 at 1:38 pm

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