Designer of stuff…Maker of things

So…who is this guy?

As a student of Industrial Design (Art Institute of Portland), I have had the pleasure and the pain of looking at many designs.  Some are amazing, some are epic and some, well…let’s be nice and say they could use some work.  Hey now, I’m not pretending that my ideas are the greatest here.  Sometimes they even suck!  The trick is that I hope to learn from people’s comments and recommendations, to hear what is said and what isn’t said and to improve every chance I have.

That said, please be free with the comments for anything I remark upon from other sites or posts about my own works.  Be nice, be fair, but be honest about it!

Oh…we can’t forget the legal stuff, now can we?

Unless I state that something is my own creation, work or idea all images and information is the property of the appropriate owners.  I make every effort to link directly to the sites I get things from and any omission of credit where credit is due is an error and will be corrected if/when it is made known to me.


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